Equity Crowd Expert:
About Us

Equity Crowd Expert was set-up to bring more transparency to the world of equity crowdfunding.

This young and growing asset class has received much attention but there is very little data to show how well investments in the space have performed and we aim to crack this wide open – partly for our own selfish interest, but we’re hoping others might find this interesting too!

Since 2013 when equity crowdfunding was born over 1,800 companies have raised over £1.5 billion from everyday investors. What nobody really knows at this stage though is whether this is likely to be a successful form of investment. We all know the success rate of early stage companies is low so it’s reasonable to expect a good few companies in your portfolio to go belly-up leaving you with no return, but will there be enough that shoot the lights out to make for a good overall return?

There are very mixed views on equity crowdfunding. Some say it’s feeding on the scraps of companies already rejected by the venture capitalists. Others feel that there are huge benefits of having lots of smaller ‘fan club’ investors who are dedicated buyers of the products and great at spreading the word. Regardless we’re data guys so we want to look at the hard figures and come to our own conclusions that way.

Equity Crowd Expert was born out of a desire to know more about the success and failure of companies to date, understand more about how specific companies were performing and to enable people to have a way of tracking a portfolio of crowdfunded investments. We hope you agree that the service does that.

Etienne Paresys

Founder & Managing Director
Etienne is a data addict, news lover and a crowdfunding investor for the fun of it and for the discounted beers…

Etienne co-founded Equity Crowd Expert as it seemed like a perfect fit for both his interest and skills – having always wondered how the crowdfunding market was actually performing – and he just loves multi-gigabit sized database, infinite spreadsheets, exploring data sources, being swamped by news feeds, implementing clever tech, and organising complex workflow.

Before founding Equity Crowd Expert, Etienne worked for nearly 15 years as Head of Research and was responsible for Data Content and Quality at Preqin, a London-based data provider focusing on the alternative investment industry.

Nick Arnott

Nick is the founder of a number of financial information businesses over the last 25 years. He co-founded Preqin, the preeminent supplier of information on alternative assets, in 2002. Prior to this he founded Virtual Trader, the virtual online trading platform during the dot.com boom. More recently he has co-founded Activist Insight and Proxy Insight.

He has been an avid investor in crowdfunded businesses since 2013 when he made his first investment (probably his worst to date!) but now has a significant portfolio of investments with a mix of successes and failures. He finds it a fun and interesting way to invest especially given his own background of starting businesses.